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Excessive College Wrestling: What Elite Wrestlers Know and You Do not

Many wrestlers are targeted on studying new strikes. We’re very transfer targeted in the US in the case of wrestling. Wrestling is extra than simply figuring out strikes although. Some wrestlers know the seven fundamental expertise of wrestling: stance, movement, stage change, penetration, again step, again arch, and raise. However, elite wrestlers know sure ideas that you could be not be aware of. In the event you’re aware of all of those ideas that is nice. Then again, should you’re wrestling is not as profitable as you’d prefer it to be then hopefully you’ll be able to make use of a number of the following ideas to turn out to be higher.

Stance and Stance Upkeep

Stance is without doubt one of the seven fundamental expertise of wrestling. It is in all probability the primary idea you be taught in wrestling. What constitutes stance? A correct stance permits you freedom of motion in addition to the power to guard your self out of your opponent’s offensive makes an attempt.

You do not need to be in a stance that’s too upright. You do not need to seem like the plastic wrestler you see standing on high of trophies. Your opponent should not be capable of learn your shirt. You typically need to wrestle brow to brow. Your stance ought to be pretty low. You need to be like a coiled spring or a sprinter able to explode into your shot. You typically transfer ahead and backward in a lead leg stance and circle with a sq. stance.

Olympian John Smith talks about preserving your elbows in your pockets. He is simply saying that typically you need your elbows in tight to guard your self. Additionally, you should not be reaching, lunging, or stumbling. Generally you’ll be able to merely strategy your opponent in stance and look forward to him to succeed in and make contact first. Or, you’ll be able to circle and stalk your opponent till you are face to face after which attain in your opponent. Then, as former NCAA champion Tom Manufacturers would possibly say, you need to lay on heavy arms, get into dominant head place, and transfer your toes.

Olympian Dan Gable talks about making your physique right into a block. Your arms aren’t straightforward to seize as a result of they’re near you. Your head is tucked into your shoulders so your head is not straightforward to seize.

When transferring ahead or backward in your stance it is best to proceed to have your lead leg or energy leg ahead so that you’re all the time able to shoot when the chance presents itself. Good stance upkeep is essential. Ideally, your taking pictures hand ought to be free and defending your lead leg.

Hand Combating and Shifting Your Opponent

What’s hand preventing? Hand preventing is a little bit of a misnomer. It is type of a deceptive time period. You do not need to exit and simply begin grabbing arms and wrists and slapping your opponent.

Former NCAA champion Daryl Weber states, “Hand preventing is principally figuring out the place you need to be, the place you might have one of the best alternative to attain, forcing it in your opponent and in addition figuring out find out how to filter out of your opponent’s ties and going again to the place you are snug.”

Sadly, quite a lot of wrestlers get right into a collar and elbow tie and simply kind of dance with one another. Or, wrestlers seize with their arms however do not transfer their toes. You must transfer your opponent. You must push and pull and circle and actually decide to it.

Elite wrestlers like Cory Cooperman and Invoice Zadick will inform you that your arms and toes ought to each be transferring. When your arms are transferring your toes ought to be transferring.

The Purler brothers will inform you that good hand preventing creates movement which helps you unbalance an opponent and arrange assaults.

One other advantage of correct hand preventing will be tiring out your opponent. You’ll be able to put on out his neck, again, and hamstrings. You’ll be able to actually tire him out. Loads of wrestlers simply do not need to work that onerous. If you cannot take down your opponent within the first interval it’s possible you’ll get a takedown within the second or third interval by carrying your opponent out with correct hand preventing earlier within the match.

You additionally have to be taught to sprawl correctly, downblock, and reshoot.


On the subject of discovering angles Daryl Weber states, “The upper the competitors, the more durable the competitors will get, the extra essential this will get. You do not need to be simply taking pictures straight in your opponents. That does work quite a lot of occasions however as you compete towards higher competitors who know find out how to react, who’ve sturdy hips, and have good steadiness it will be essential to know find out how to discover angles.”

Henry Cejudo, Damion Hahn, and a number of other different elite wrestlers have said that wrestling is all concerning the angles. As an illustration, studying to execute a sweep single and actually reduce the nook is essential.


Drilling is without doubt one of the finest methods to enhance your wrestling skill. The rehearsing and repetition of strikes and strategies is usually not as enjoyable as dwell wrestling however is extraordinarily essential.

If you drill strikes again and again your physique remembers find out how to do it so you do not even have to consider it throughout a match. Drilling means that you can excellent completely different strikes and strategies. Do not merely apply one set-up and one end again and again. Follow a number of set-ups and finishes. Know find out how to deal with the completely different positions and conditions which will come up throughout a match.

You can too get in an excellent exercise with onerous drilling. Arduous drilling can work as effectively at getting you into form as dwell wrestling. However, drilling has the benefit of with the ability to actually sharpen your expertise.

Former NCAA champion Cary Kolat says that drilling is the primary constructing block of elite wrestlers. He says that dwell wrestling was a small a part of his coaching and that 70% to 80% of his coaching revolved round drill practices. He says, “I acquired a greater exercise from drilling than I ever did from dwell wrestling.”

Drilling can permit you to discover methods of getting out of dangerous positions which is extraordinarily essential.

Former NCAA All-American Jason Nase states “As a result of your going to get caught. You are going to get caught on pictures. You are going to get buried. It’ll occur. Not all people takes nice pictures on a regular basis. You are going to have predicaments that you need to wrestle out of. I imply that is the game. What do you do if you’re in a nasty place? How do you go from good to dangerous fast? That is what makes the distinction in matches.”

Chain Wrestling

Chain wrestling is simply what the identify suggests. It is placing strikes collectively in a series. It is the power to move or transition seamlessly from one approach or transfer to the following.

Generally we view wrestling in bits and items. We take into consideration set-ups, takedowns, protection, using, and different segments of the match. We shoot for a takedown and get stopped after which get to our toes and start once more. Or, we get the takedown after which we start fascinated with one other piece like using. However, ideally we must always move from one piece of wrestling to the following.

Musical notes and patterns do not imply a lot till they’re strung collectively forming a whole and seamless music. Good dancers move seamlessly from one step to a different. They’ve fluidity and beauty. All the strategies and strikes you understand should not simply be thought-about separate chunks. Ideally, every bit of your wrestling ought to hyperlink to the following in a fluid method.

Former world champion John Smith states, “We put two issues collectively. That is chain wrestling, that is move wrestling. You’ll be able to take this so far as you need. If you’re speaking about chain wrestling it may be by no means ending till the man is on his again and also you pin him and also you get your hand raised. That sequence of strikes leads you into dominating your opponent, leads you into by no means letting up in your opponent. That is precisely what you need.”

Former NCAA champion Terry Manufacturers states, “It is limitless. That is what we love about wrestling. We have simply acquired to get that mindset that it isn’t chunks. That is not the way it works. That why guys have bother. That is why guys battle.”

Manufacturers says that typically wrestlers are so fired as much as get that first takedown and so uncertain of their talents that it is only a aid to get that first takedown. So, we let up slightly bit. Or, maybe a wrestler has merely by no means discovered to chain wrestle. He will get a takedown, let’s his opponent get to his base, after which he begins to wrestle once more versus going from a takedown proper right into a experience or pinning mixture.

After a takedown, we have to maintain the stress on and prolong to succeed in an arm or possibly we will be on the lookout for a Turk or Navy experience.

Or, maybe our preliminary takedown is blocked however we mechanically transition to a brand new offensive transfer and nonetheless find yourself scoring. Perhaps I shoot for a single leg and am stopped however then I instantly hit a peek out and nonetheless come round behind to attain my two factors.

Chain wrestling is essential on the underside too. If my sit-out is stopped possibly I can transition right into a stand-up and escape from there.

Leverage and Being Imply

Generally leverage is a giant key to creating a transfer work effectively. Run a half nelson or an arm bar straight excessive as an alternative of the normal manner and see what occurs. Seize your opponent’s chin on a half nelson to make it actually tight. Make your opponent uncomfortable and he’ll transfer within the route you need or simply surrender. Former NCAA champion Wade Schalles pinned quite a few opponents throughout his profession and is aware of lots about leverage and making opponents uncomfortable.

Former NCAA champion Zack Esposito describes the highest place and states, “You understand what? Wrestling’s not a tickling contest. It hurts like a mom when a man will get two legs in on you. So why not let’s crank on his shoulders slightly bit.”

He additionally states, “As a result of that is what high is. It is frickin’ imply. You are imply on high. As a result of should you’re not imply on high, you are not gonna be capable of experience. The most effective riders had been the meanest ones.”

He continues by stating, “Once I get a wrist, I am gonna try to break your shoulder off. That is simply how it’s.”

You’ll be able to be taught lots from Wade Schalles, Gene Mills, Zack Espositio, Ben Askren and different elite wrestlers about leverage and utilizing authorized discomfort to show an opponent.


These are just some examples of the information elite wrestlers have that you could be not. Hopefully you are doing quite a lot of these items already. If not, then begin incorportating these ideas into your wrestling and you will see quite a lot of enchancment.


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